Science Project–Ecosystems Diorama!!!

Science Project   Due: Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014.

Projects: Make a shoebox or any-box diorama of an ecosystem.

1. Pick an ecosystem from the choices below.

2. Put in animals, plants, and non-living things.

3. Label each things in your ecosystem.


E:  A lot of effort put in & ALL things labeled      

S+: A lot of effort and MOST things labeled     

S: Some effort and/or HALF labeled

S-: Only SOME labeled or effort shown, but no labels.

N: Not turned in

Ecosystems YOU CAN USE!!!!: desert, forest, lake, ocean, or rainforest.

*Numerous examples are online. (Look up ecosystem or biome diorama, or just click here!!!

If you need to use the computer at school for pictures or ideas, or you need materials, it is your responsibility to ask.

The 9’s Trick for learning your 9 times!!!

The children have been working diligently to learn their multiplication authentically, and with stories to help them along their way. My expectations are that the children know their 2’s, their 5’s and their 9’s. While all three take practice, there are tricks to all of them. Here is one of the best for 9’s. I avoid the hand trick because it really takes too long. Here at McKean Elementary, we teach the “one less” trick. Here it is, in all its glory!!!

Math Basic Facts Practice

This quarter, we are going to really hit the multiplication facts hard. The students will be learning from a new program in my arsenal that incorporates stories and story words with each needed fact. The goal is to have each child own their multiplication facts, and to do that, they have to have the right cues for their brain.

We do whatever we can, to allow the students to master each fact, and this often involves auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning.

That’s what these story words will be doing!!!

Over the coming weeks, as we head to our Math Teams at the end of the quarter, you’ll see your kids coming home with stories that will become “classics” to them. They’ll know them, and through this, will own the facts…the same way they learned “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “The Three Little Pigs.”

Have a great day!!!

New Job Posting: Peer Organizational Helpers

1This secondary job requires someone who is organized, can get things done quickly, and rarely forgets to do a job, chore or homework. You will be working with a friend on our team that has a hard time keeping organized. If they forget books, you help them remember. If they forget to write their homework, you help them remember. Whatever the need is, you will help them solve their organizational needs!

If you’re interested, write a paragraph on why you would be good at this job.

Due Monday Morning