Science Project–Ecosystems Diorama!!!

Science Project   Due: Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014.

Projects: Make a shoebox or any-box diorama of an ecosystem.

1. Pick an ecosystem from the choices below.

2. Put in animals, plants, and non-living things.

3. Label each things in your ecosystem.


E:  A lot of effort put in & ALL things labeled      

S+: A lot of effort and MOST things labeled     

S: Some effort and/or HALF labeled

S-: Only SOME labeled or effort shown, but no labels.

N: Not turned in

Ecosystems YOU CAN USE!!!!: desert, forest, lake, ocean, or rainforest.

*Numerous examples are online. (Look up ecosystem or biome diorama, or just click here!!!

If you need to use the computer at school for pictures or ideas, or you need materials, it is your responsibility to ask.