About the Class

Our Mission: Be Nice, Work Hard

Our Motto: There Are No Shortcuts (subject to change!)

The Class: Most classrooms are based on FEAR. Kids are afraid of the teacher, of failing, of one another and of looking foolish. Our classroom is based on one simple word…


That trust is build with consistency and kindness. I also hope that I can build a reputation as another ‘special’ General McLane educator. I’m honored to be a part of this McKean Elementary Fourth Grade team that includes Mr. Hutch, Mrs. Wismer and Ms. Marnik, and this phenomenal staff as well. I have worked hard over the past fifteen years to build kids up, and not tear them down.

This is a working classroom where we will use every single second. I’ve “broken the rules” in past jobs by bringing the kids in for working lunches, whether it’s for playing guitar or a science or math game, or even a book club. I don’t waste time. I am aware that not all teachers can put in the extra time for  variety of reasons (been there). However, I hope to prove that ordinary people can create special classrooms with one special tool (and it’s not that special): HARD WORK.

I will model what I want the kids to be, and it really isn’t rocket science. If they work hard in life, and if they are nice people, they will be special. We here at General McLane, and most especially at McKean Elementary strive for that daily. We teach by example.

I want to be that special classroom that all the kids look back on and say, “that’s when my life changed in school.” What they will take from my classroom will go far beyond any assessment, although we all know in this day and age, that’s important too.

I can’t wait to build that bridge with all of you to help our fantastic ‘Little Lancers’ through that journey!