The website…and the “twittah” account

Starting today, you should see daily updates both in the news sections, as well as on my twitter account, which you can see in the left hand column of the site if you scroll down. YOU DON’T HAVE TO JOIN TWITTER to see it, but if you are already a member of twitter, friend me, and you will see my posts in your timeline.

For those that aren’t members of twitter and don’t want to be, just head over to the website, and scroll down. If you click on the twitter screen, you will go to my page to see all of my tweets, but you can see the daily stuff right on the website scroll!

Over the year, I will save as much paper as possible by posting here, and showing work via twitter and the site!

So keep popping in over the coming weeks, there will be lots and lots more! If you have any questions…shoot me an email, or ask your kids (the preferable method), since they will likely know more about my website than me…when it’s all said and done!

Oh, and as for “twittah,” that’s just what I call it!!! For some reason, I go British whenever I talk about tweeting…